Chinese dating shows are changing traditional views on love and marriage

There are a whole host of considerations that go into giving the right gift–from the choice of gift to how it is wrapped and presented. No matter which end of a gift exchange you find yourself on, we have you covered. Gift-giving is also much more prevalent in Chinese workplaces than it is in the West. In fact, the practice of using lavish gift boxes of mooncakes to curry favor with bosses and clients got so out-of-hand that, in , the Chinese government had to ban the purchase of mooncakes with public funds. Not all gift-giving occasions center around holidays, however. Red envelopes are also given to the bride and groom by wedding guests. In both cases, the amount of money inside depends on how close you are to the recipient s , with parents giving the most.

Chinese New Year Traditions

Every culture has its own rules and superstitions about gift-giving. Chinese culture is not an exception. Sharp objects, lucky numbers, and colors, objects that attract evil spirits or bad luck and many more, they are all part of traditional Chinese gift-giving superstitions.

Superstitions for lucky and unlucky day are based on the Chinese culture and philosophical belief systems like in any culture. Learn吉日(jí rì).

However, the Chinese strongly believe that the use of brooms should only be for cleaning the house, shop etc. Traditional Chinese culture holds that a broom is inhabited by a spirit, thus explaining why it should not be used for games, playing etc. The broom should not be used for cleaning the household gods or…. Emerging performance artist is seeking 15 white females between the ages of to participate in a performance work 30 minutes. The f From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, picevolution.

We hope you find what you are searching for! Apple a day keeps the Doctor away! If you leave a few bites left on your plate you will have food for the rest of the year! Image Detail for – Following my article on Superstitions I have been asked by a few Find out the origins of the umbrella superstition and why it brings one bad luck.

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If you’re hoping to be struck by Cupid’s arrow in , you may want to pay careful attention to the following rules. Did you know it’s bad luck to buy a Russian lover an even number of roses? Oh, and if you dream of fish, your best friend is probably pregnant – she just doesn’t know it yet. Love is a mind game – and if you’re finding the world of dating tough, especially around Valentine’s Day when all of your friends will be heading out for ‘date night’ – perhaps you’re just not following the right rituals on your quest.

Respondents were asked to list the known superstitions for high school graduates or students, Christmas Eve, marriage, pregnancy, and infant or baby. From

Already have an account? Log In. New Year is a very important occasion for, not just for the Chinese but for most Asians. They believe that whatever you do during the first day of the New Year will determine how the rest of your year will be. Being positive may not seem like an extravagant superstitious practice, but remember that whatever you do during the first day of the year will follow you throughout.

This means no arguing, no fighting, no crying, no sulking, no backbiting, and all kind of other bad behaviors. Any menu with long noodles or pasta will be fitting to cook during the first day of the new year. The length of the noodles or pasta you serve, first, represents a period of your life.


Chinese marriages are interesting affairs fused with unique customs and traditions. As is the case with most societies, in primitive times the concept of marriage did not exist. People of a single tribe did not have fixed spouses and they could have multiple sexual partners. Marriage in ancient Chinese culture went through a lot of changes.

2. “Stepping in dog poo is good luck ” · 3. “Dogs can detect a future quarrel between a couple ” · 4. “A dog can counteract the bad luck gained.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of superstition, you may sometimes find yourself knocking on wood, crossing your fingers or wearing your lucky baseball cap during the World Series. Although we know, scientifically, that these things don’t actually affect the outcome of anything, we still find them comforting. A study by behavioral scientists at the University of Chicago suggested that when people perform a physical action to avoid bad luck or harm, the ritual calms the mind [source: Zhang ].

Superstitions span cultures, countries and centuries. Every culture has its own unique set of superstitions. However, this raises an interesting question: Are any superstitions common across cultures? We found a few. Let’s check them out.

15 Chinese Gift-giving Superstitions

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I demonstrate this proposal by reading China’s first feminist manifesto, The Women’s Bell by Jin Tianhe and the short story Medicine by Lu Xun. Keywords.

Good luck superstitions in feng shui are based on the Chinese culture and philosophical belief systems. This is similar to lucky superstition beliefs in other cultures and covers a variety of areas. Like any culture, the Chinese have certain superstitions that are related to good and bad luck. These superstitions come in a variety of forms and can relate to specific kinds of luck, like energy or love, rather than general good or bad luck.

One of the things you don’t want to do is talk about the dead. The Chinese don’t talk about the dead or about anyone who is dying. This is considered very bad luck. Make sure your luck remains intact by not telling any ghost stories. How you sweep your home is very important.

13 Superstitions from South-East Asia

Kung hei fat choi! To ensure a prosperous year ahead filled with luck and happiness, there are certain things we do and say, or avoid doing and saying. The most notable examples? Some companies arrange for lion dance performances in the office during the Chinese New Year period. Growing up in the Chinese culture, our lives are ruled by superstitions, and not just during the lunar new year.

From fan death to wealth-bestowing pig dreams, these superstitions are still believed in Korea today.

Cultures all over the world have their own superstitions that to an outsider might seem peculiar. Superstitions do not just spring up overnight but are often deeply rooted in history, culture and religion. Many Chinese superstitions stem from Feng Shui, but there are also many number related superstitions based on the prevalence of homophones in the Chinese language , that can be extremely unlucky.

The number 8 is the luckiest number is Chinese culture. Purchasable items with the number 8 can be more expensive, from simple things such as mobile numbers, to car registration plates. It may have only been within the last century, due to the influence of Hong Kongese culture, that mainland China adopted the number 8 as lucky. There are several different origins of why multiples of 3 are important within Chinese culture. In ancient Chinese culture, numbers ran from 1 to 9, and were then divided into 3 groups of 3.

6 Chinese Superstitions You May Not Know