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I met the love of my life on MeetMe. I made a lot of good friends on here. Some I even talk to every single day and it’s been over 3 years since we started talking on MeetMe! I found my best friend on here and we’ve been talking for nearly 2 years now. He means the world to me, and it’s all thanks to MeetMe. I found my best friend on Skout. We see each other all the time and do nearly everything together!

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ClassTag connects teachers and families with one easy to use app for all their communication needs. Remote, blended, hybrid, in person, we are here for you through it all! Students are invited to come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Bringing everyone together when you are apart is easier said than done and that is where ClassTag comes in with endless possibilities. Messages, announcements, videos, pictures, library, calendar, parent-teacher conferences, actionable engagement stats and much.

Hosted by football stars JJ, TJ and Derek Watt, Ultimate Tag is a high-octane competition based on the classic playground game. Watch Season 1 episodes on.

Updated The tagging kits are being assembled and mailed out! All preorders from January 1-July 21 will be shipped beginning in late July to arrive ahead of the migration in your area. Orders placed after July 21 should arrive within days but priority will be given to preorders and areas that will experience the migration first. Looking for tag recoveries? Found a tagged monarch? Finished tagging monarchs and ready to upload your data to Monarch Watch?

The Monarch Watch Tagging Program is a large-scale citizen science project that was initiated in to help understand the dynamics of the monarch’s spectacular fall migration through mark and recapture.

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Use Google Tag Manager to manage tags such as measurement and marketing optimization JavaScript tags on your site. This reduces errors and allows you to to deploy tags on your site quickly. Use Google Tag Manager to manage analytics and advertising tools in your apps without having to rebuild and resubmit the applications’ binaries to the app marketplaces.

Instructions and tips related to tagging sharks. Date of capture to include your name, mailing address, daytime phone number, and email address. Shark Tagging Program, NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service.

What makes Woo dating app different and secured from other apps Key features : Woo dating app has a bunch of really cool features that makes Woo app different and secured from other dating apps. This specially created feature, unique in the world of dating, is available only to women. With Woo internet calling women can have a live voice conversation with their matches without having to share their phone number.

Woo Phone has helped them eliminate even this extra step of caution by giving them a tool to have a more in-depth interaction right on the Woo dating app itself. WOO SECRET : Woo dating app has special privacy features — like masking your names as initials, hiding your profile to be seen only by those you like and not showing your workplace information — ensuring that women on our platform can swipe without inhibitions and eliminating any fear of online stalking.

On Woo dating app single women’s details name, number, location , remain confidential. This information is not seen by anyone on the app. Dating should not be scary!

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Create an Account – Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The Hall County Animal Shelter has been recognized with the Transformational Change Award from Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. Hall County libraries have reopened to the public with some exceptions and some new health and safety precautions in place.

Hall County Government officials announced the next step in their phased-in reopening plan, which includes provisions for youth sports. The order offers guidance for the medically fragile along with guidelines for local governments to issue mask mandates on public property. Skip to Main Content.

Single-event website tag: a unique snippet of code that can be used to track a or total conversion value your campaign generated, and total number of items.

A hashtag , introduced by the number sign, or hash symbol, , is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and other microblogging services. It lets users apply dynamic , user-generated tagging that helps other users easily find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing a hash symbol in front of a word or unspaced phrase in a message.

The hashtag may contain letters, digits, and underscores. A hashtag archive is consequently collected into a single stream under the same hashtag. The use of hashtags was first proposed by Chris Messina in a tweet, [3] that, although initially decried by Twitter as a “thing for nerds,” [4] eventually led to their use rapidly becoming widespread throughout the platform. Messina, who made no attempt to patent the use because he felt “they were born of the internet, and owned by no one”, [5] has subsequently been credited as the godfather of the hashtag.

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With Mailchimp classic automations , you can create targeted emails that send when triggered by a specific date, event, or contact’s activity. We offer a number of automation options with pre-selected triggers and other settings, so you can quickly find and create the right campaign for your business needs. You can also create a custom automation from scratch.

ClassTag transforms how you connect with parents, saves time on communication and brings in free supplies for your class. Plus, it’s free, forever!

Android 9 API level 28 introduces a number of changes to the Android system. The following behavior changes apply to all apps when they run on the Android 9 platform, regardless of the API level that they are targeting. All developers should review these changes and modify their apps to support them properly, where applicable to the app. Android 9 introduces new features to improve device power management. These changes, along with features that were already present before Android 9, help to ensure that system resources are made available to the apps that need them the most.

To enhance user privacy, Android 9 introduces several behavior changes, such as limiting background apps’ access to device sensors, restricting information retrieved from Wi-Fi scans, and new permission rules and permission groups related to phone calls, phone state, and Wi-Fi scans. Android 9 limits the ability for background apps to access user input and sensor data. If your app is running in the background on a device running Android 9, the system applies the following restrictions to your app:.

If your app needs to detect sensor events on devices running Android 9, use a foreground service.

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The Health Department is processing new and renewal dog license applications, but no licenses are being mailed to customers at this time. Renewal notices are not being mailed at this time. The dog licensing website will be down for system maintenance on Sunday, August 16, from 2 a. All dogs in New York City must have licenses, and the licenses must be attached to their collars while in public.

Dog owners may be fined for violating these requirements. Dog owners can purchase a license that is valid for one year or up to five years.

We ask you to first contact our Customer Experience team with any disputes, as they may You will receive a ticket number for your submission and a Customer​.

Google’s generation of page titles and descriptions or “snippets” is completely automated and takes into account both the content of a page as well as references to it that appear on the web. The goal of the snippet and title is to best represent and describe each result and explain how it relates to the user’s query. We use a number of different sources for this information, including descriptive information in the title and meta tags for each page.

While we can’t manually change titles or snippets for individual sites, we’re always working to make them as relevant as possible. You can help improve the quality of the title and snippet displayed for your pages by following the general guidelines below. It’s often the primary piece of information used to decide which result to click on, so it’s important to use high-quality titles on your web pages.

However, sometimes even pages with well-formulated, concise, descriptive titles will end up with different titles in our search results to better indicate their relevance to the query. Using this alternative text as a title helps the user, and it also can help your site. Users are scanning for their query terms or other signs of relevance in the results, and a title that is tailored for the query can increase the chances that they will click through. If not, consider whether the alternate title is a better fit for the query.

If you still think the original title would be better, let us know in our Webmaster Help Forum. Snippets are automatically created from page content. Snippets are designed to emphasize and preview the page content that best relates to a user’s specific search: this means that a page might show different snippets for different searches.

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The City of Miami Department of Solid Waste will resume regular, every-other-week recycling collection services beginning next Tuesday, September 1st, All invoices related to items shipped or services performed on or before September 30, must be submitted to Finance Accounts Payable by October 7, Invoices may be electronically transmitted to payables miamigov. The shocking environmental collapse of marine life in Biscayne Bay has galvanized local environmentalists and the City of Miami into emergency actions to deliver life-sustaining oxygen to marine animals, remove dead fish from the water and step up efforts to reduce pollution to the bay from lawns, septic tanks and sewers.

Florida businesses and residents affected by flash flooding on May 26 – 27 of — including those here in the City of Miami — can now apply for low-interest disaster loans from the U. Antibody tests are used to help determine if an individual was previously infected with the virus that causes COVID

Online · Agency Directory · Online Services · Accessibility · Home · Students & 7) should be disregarded; we are currently in the process of updating the date on all documents. Effective If you have any questions about your application, please contact your DCTAG counselor. Their contact Service Contact: Kenneth.

The instructions and tips provided for this program should not be confused with fishery management rules and requirements. Cooperative Shark Tagging Program Booklet. Learn more about federal shark fishing regulations. Identification of sex in sharks by the presence or absence of claspers. Look at the underside of the shark at the pelvic fins. In males, a clasper will extend out from the inside edge of each pelvic fin, females do not have claspers.

Tag pole with tag showing correct placement near first dorsal fin. Tags should be inserted into the muscle of the back near the first dorsal fin at an angle toward the head of the fish. Aim the tag at the base of the first dorsal fin with the two rear points facing the shark and quickly thrust downward. When you catch a shark with a tag in it, we ask that you record the following information as accurately and completely as possible:.

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