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Aloha, Our public libraries are currently only open for Library Take Out. New temporary hours for Oahu public libraries will take effect on August 31, For hours, click here. Find your true match by speed dating with books! Finish all 3 rounds and get a treat. Good luck! Limit: 12, first-come first served. Schedule is subject to change.

Change in Heartbeat

Your heart is in the center of your chest, near your lungs. It has four hollow heart chambers surrounded by muscle and other heart tissue. The chambers are separated by heart valves, which make sure that the blood keeps flowing in the right direction.

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On the morning of Feb. They are participants in a novel program hosted by the Lincoln Council on Aging: speed-dating for individuals 65 and older. The popularity of the event, which is limited to 24 seniors and welcomes people of all sexual orientations, gives insight into the changing demographic of older adult daters. The festivities commence with each senior receiving a name tag marked only with a first name. Rotating through six-minute dates, participants mark sheets judging each partner as a romantic match, a platonic match, or not a match.

Butt collects the confidential sheets, determines compatibility, and mails out letters alerting participants of their matches. Participants are encouraged to reach out to matches within two weeks. While speed-dating for seniors is still uncommon, the concept makes sense for this generation, said Susan Whitbourne, a gerontology professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Seniors today are more likely to be divorced than widowed, and many women are more apt to be educated and have worked in a professional setting than prior generations, Whitbourne said.

These factors could contribute to an increased interest in dating among older adults, she said. Ysabelle Kempe can be reached at ysabelle. Email to a Friend. View Comments.

Get to the Heart of It: Speed Dating for Conscious Singles Potluck

It all started with a Twitter rant. A single Catholic woman sounded off in personal disappointment about a speed dating event that she was attending at a local parish. Single Catholics bemoaned the many difficulties of modern dating — finding someone with the same beliefs, limited options of single Catholics who live in certain areas, the uneven ratio of Catholic women to men, those who seem forever to be discerning and never committing, and so on.

I was excited to go to the CHQ speed dating event as it supported two of So don’t expect a deep heart to heart even on Valentine’s Day, it was.

When it comes to your heart rate, it’s a bit like the speed of your car. What you want is not too fast, not too slow, and not too erratic. In fact, most of the time, heart rhythm and pace are not things you need to think about. And unless something unusual is going on, you’re likely completely unaware of what your heart is doing. Heart rate is important because the heart’s function is so important.

The heart circulates oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body. When it’s not working properly, just about everything is affected. Heart rate is central to this process because the function of the heart called “cardiac output” is directly related to heart rate and stroke volume the amount of blood pumped out with each beat.

Couples whose pulses synchronise when they meet are more likely to fancy one another, study finds

Since ancient times, the heart has been a symbol of our emotions. But scientists have uncovered a physical link between emotions and heart health. Science suggests an association among stress, depression, and heart disease. Several studies strongly suggest that certain psychosocial factors such as grief, depression, and job loss contribute to heart attack and cardiac arrest.

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Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Your heart normally beats in a regular rhythm and rate that is just right for the work your body is doing at any moment. The usual resting heart rate for adults is between 60 to beats per minute. Children have naturally higher normal heart rates than adults. The heart is a pump made up of four chambers : two upper chambers atria and two lower chambers ventricles. It is powered by an electrical system that puts out pulses in a regular rhythm.

These pulses keep the heart pumping and keep blood flowing to the lungs and body. When the heart beats too fast , too slow, or with a skipping irregular rhythm, a person is said to have an arrhythmia. A change in the heart’s rhythm may feel like an extra-strong heartbeat palpitation or a fluttering in your chest. Premature ventricular contractions PVCs often cause this feeling.

Speed Dating Concept. Two Heart Shapes And A Stop Watch On Wooden Desk

We are committed to growing our own talent and see apprenticeships as a critical route to enable us to do that. We also provide secondments within various departments so the apprentices have access to a range of potential positions within the company. Not everyone thinks about an apprenticeship as a viable option to work, but the benefits are huge. The combination of work based experience along with relevant qualifications are invaluable for employers and the great deal for apprentices is that they get paid whilst doing both.

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The average fetal heart rate changes during pregnancy, however, and some consider the lower limit of normal at 2: bpm up to weeks of gestation; bpm.

For further information, see Calibrate the Foot Pod. A longer interval gives you more recording time, while a shorter interval allows you to record more heart and other data. This enables accurate data analysis using the software. A shorter recording rate consumes the memory of the running computer more rapidly. The remaining recording time is displayed on the lower row when setting the rate. Default recording rate is 5 seconds. This will maximize the time to record exercise data.

When the session ends, the current recording rate remains as default.

Dating app The League will pair up users for two-minute live video dates

Come to Heart to Heart, a speed-dating event where you can find like minded individuals and friends in all faculties in a fun and casual setting. All proceeds will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. There will be lots of games and activities to help you and your match to break the ice, and in addition, there are opportunities for you to win amazing prizes from our sponsors.

To participate, there are two ways you can pay. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email Dani Hao at xha33 sfu.

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Just as the coronavirus outbreak was reaching New York City, Beckett Mufson, a year-old advertising executive, was ramping up his dating life after healing from a long-term relationship that had ended. In mid-March, he fled the city to live on a acre farm upstate. But he was still interested in finding potential mates.

Your heart normally beats in a regular rhythm and rate that is just right for the work your body is doing at any moment. The usual resting heart rate for adults is​.

Fetal bradycardia refers to an abnormally low fetal heart rate , a potentially ominous finding. The lower the fetal heart rate, the worse the prognosis. Please Note: You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Updating… Please wait. Unable to process the form. Check for errors and try again. Thank you for updating your details. Log In. Sign Up. Become a Gold Supporter and see no ads.


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Sometimes a low heart rate is defined as below 60 beats per minute, but it to help keep heart patients up to date with advances and relevant information.

Usually, a heart beats between 60 and 80 times per minute, but everyone has their own normal heartbeat rhythm. Some hearts beat faster or more slowly than others. When you are diagnosed with arrhythmia, it is an abnormal heart rhythm for you, but not necessarily for someone else. The pumping action of your heart is triggered by electrical impulses that begin in your heart’s natural pacemaker, called the sinus node also called sinoatrial or SA node. Learn how a healthy heart works. Arrhythmia may cause your heart to beat too slowly bradycardia, less than 60 beats per minute or too quickly tachycardia, more than beats per minute , or cause uncoordinated contractions fibrillation.

Arrhythmias are defined by the speed of the heartbeats: slow and fast. They include bradycardia and tachycardia, with a variety of conditions under those two categories.

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